Gloucester backs small schools rally

GLOUCESTER Public P and C representative Kerry Cowan says it is vital parents and students from the school lend their support to a rally protesting against proposed changes to the way schools in regional areas are administered.

A ‘Save Our Schools’ rally will be held through the main streets of Gloucester on Thursday. 

The rally is in response to proposed State government changes to the way small and larger schools like Gloucester, Barrington, Stroud, Stratford, Stroud Road, Krambach and Booral would be run. 

While small schools could become satellites of larger schools like Gloucester, they could also lose their principals. 

Gloucester Public could become a ‘hub’ school meaning its principal would be responsible for not only administering the local public school but also other smaller schools in the area. 

“Where does it leave us if our principal has to divide her time between our school and all the other smaller schools in the district?” Mrs Cowan said.

“We have about 330 kids at our school and while our principal is not a teaching principal, I don’t believe that making her a ‘hub’ principal gives our school what it warrants.”

Ms Cowan said she was concerned about the flow-on affects such a proposal would have on other staff at the school, who would be forced to step up to fill any void left if such a scenario did come to pass.

“How often would our principal be at our school?” she said.

“I know I’d be pretty ticked as a parent if I rang about a problem with my child and was told I 

couldn’t speak to the principal because she was at another school that day.”  

The rally will begin at 11am at Billabong Park on December 5.

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