Water quality and quantity under review

A TEAM of between 30 scientists will spend the next 12 months examining the ecology, hydrology, geology and hydrogeology of the Gloucester basin.

The scientists from the Office of Water Science and the CSIRO are part of an $85 million federal government initiative providing bioregional assessments of 15 regions across the country.

The team will examine issues of water quality and quantity in the Gloucester basin.

“We also want to know what happens when you start to play with them,” acting first assistant secretary for the Office of Water Science Suzy Nethercott-Watson said.

The assessment team will compile an extensive list of water assets and receptors in the valley and provide an idea of the cumulative impact that coal seam gas and coal mining is having in the region.

The team will not using new data, but existing information.

“What will be new is the level of analysis of that data,” Ms Nethercott-Watson said.

“What the study can’t do and won’t do is what ifs. But it will do what is.”

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