Devil Ark to offer guided tours

DEVIL Ark in the Barrington Tops is set to open a new tourism facility.

Visitors to the Ark will also be able to take guided tours from midway through next month.

Upper Hunter MP George Souris officially opened the Devil Ark Centre on Tuesday. 

The centre will house state-of-the-art interpretative material including video presentations, a devil sound machine which plays the screeching sound of a Tasmanian devil and devil skulls displayed to highlight that, for their size, the Tasmanian devil has the strongest jaw strength of any animal alive.  

The opening of the Devil Ark Centre also launches the Devils in the Wild Tour, which will run each year from October to April.  

The first Devils in the Wild Tour will run at Devil Ark from 10am on Saturday, December 14. The fully guided tour lasts 2.5 hours and starts with a tour of the centre and the informational displays.  

The tour will then take in some devil enrichment; a special form of feeding which encourages wild behaviour; interaction with joeys born at Devil Ark earlier this year; and a rare chance to become immersed in the devil’s natural habitat by entering huge free range enclosures to witness wild devils in wild conditions.   

Tours end at the Devil Ark Centre where there is an opportunity for a question and answer session with a Tasmanian devil expert. Devil Ark is now home to almost 200 devils.  

The species is under attack from Devil Facial Tumour Disease and in some parts of Tasmania, the population has plummeted to less than 10 per cent.  

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