Funnel webs out and about

THE Australian Reptile Park has warned people to be on the lookout for funnel web spiders with increased sightings of the creatures following the rain.

A Belbora woman contacted the Advocate after her 14-year-old daughter found a funnel web climbing the curtains in her bedroom.

Funnel web season runs between November and April each year.

“If someone is bitten by a funnel web spider, it’s essential that medical treatment is sought straight away. A pressure bandage should be applied and the patient should be kept as still as possible,” Australian Reptile Park curator Liz Vella said.

The Australian Reptile Park is the sole supplier of funnel web spider venom to bioCSL who manufacture anti-venom.

There have been no recorded deaths from funnel web spiders since the park pioneered the ‘spider milking’ technique 33 years ago.

bioCSL has developed an app for smart phones and androids, providing information on

spiders, snakes and jellyfish along with first aid advice.

For more information on the bites and stings app, visit or download it from the iTunes app store or Google Play.

“Male funnel webs are on the move at night time, out looking for a mate and it’s then they wander into shoes or piles of washing,” Ms Vella said.

“The male is up to six times more toxic than the female funnel web.

"The female stays close to her burrow and is generally only a problem if disturbed in the garden.” 

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