Trees thrown about 'like toothpicks'

THE devastating storm that left Gloucester without power for 24 hours last month left dozens of power lines damaged and trees broken or uprooted.

Reader Jennifer B was driving from Stroud to the Pacific Hwy along the Bucketts Way when the storm hit.

“The storm blew through, tearing tree limbs and scattering them like a fallen jar of toothpicks all over the road,” Jennifer said.

“Some vehicles were hit and several powerlines came down with the fallen branches.”

“People got out of their cars and as a team we dragged tree limbs off the roadway so as not to back up traffic any further.

“One truck tied a rope to the end of one massive tree branch to tow it out off the roadway.

“It was really incredible to see the community coming together to help like that but I couldn’t help but worry about everyone’s safety.”

Jennifer said she was concerned that some of the trees that fell during the storm had been neglected.

“I’m wondering if council had looked into trimming some of those trees back?” she said.

“Many of the trees were at the end of their lifespan, had many dead limbs and posed a great danger to motorists.”

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