Gloucester District Tennis Assoc

More players missing tonight so a few shuffles and a couple of 3x3 matches. Second last evening of the competition and with Christmas closing in - excitement is in the air. Merrilyn took home the raffle prize.
Murray vs Hogan
The only 4x4 match tonight. A win to Team Hogan 4/31 to 2/19. Di R. played for Lis. Hogans had 2 x 6/0 set wins and won the only tie-break set. Well done ladies.
Scott vs Cossar
Thanks Kim playing for Ruth. A 3x3 match with Scotts taking the points 4/32 to 2/24. Lots of chatter but Kim, Robyn, Sue & Merrilyn all sent down aces, while Merrilyn & Robyn double faulted a couple while chasing more aces.
Pearson vs Harris
Thanks to Cathy for Betty and Felicia for Tessa - another 3x3 match with the points going to Harris 4/28 to 2/22. Only a few double faults recorded and no aces. The tennis was closely contested by every player for a fairly close result.
Tomorrow night is our final night of 2019 - so a Christmas supper, a presentation & Santa will give us all a gift ($10 gift from each player for Santa's Sack please.)

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