Gloucester District Tennis Association

A lovely sunny day for tennis. Team Murray with Tessa and Kim floating for Elaine and Bernie left Ruth W the only team member to fly the flag. Team Snape - Merrilyn, Robyn and Anita came out the victors 5/35 to 1/12. Tessa and Ruth fighting to win the only tie-break set. Aces to Tessa and Merrilyn, with no double faults (recorded).
Team Scott - Robyn S, Fay (for Hilary) and Sally won 5/33 over Team Johnson - Ruth J, Leanne and Kalen 1/19. Some very strong tennis on this court, especially between Ruth and Robyn. Fay and Sally left the best for last, winning a long-fought tie-break set. Aces to Robyn, Fay and Kalen. Double faults to Leanne, Kalen, Ruth and Robyn. Sally topped it off by winning the raffle.
See you all next week with your racquets tuned up for another nail-biting game.

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