Gloucester District Tennis Association

We picked a beautiful day for our tennis. Team Murray (Elaine, Leanne for Bernie and Ruth W) led the charge in their match against team Scott, winning sets 1,3, and 5 but team Scott (Robyn, Hilary and Lorraine for Sally) came fighting back reversing sets 2, 4, and 6, only to lose by a slim margin of 3/27 to 3/24 - a very tight game with only one ace to Lorraine and one double fault to Ruth. On the other hand, team Snape (Merrilyn, Robyn M and Anita) had an easy win over team Harris (Fay, still adjusting to playing with one hand, Di R for Lis, work is not better than tennis, and Kim) 5/34 to 1/13. If we cannot win then we will just have fun and turn tennis into handball. Whoops, thought you were to use the racquet. Leanne won the raffle, believe crumbed steak was on the menu.

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