Lease applications pave way for gas extraction

AGL has applied for two new production leases as part of its Gloucester Gas Project.

The leases apply to two sections of land south of Gloucester.

The smaller site lies just to the south of Forbesdale while the larger site incorporates a large section of land between Gloucester and Craven.

Combined the two areas incorporate about 5031ha of land on the eastern side of the Bucketts Way.

“AGL confirms that it has lodged two new Petroleum Production Lease (PPL) applications, within the approved Gloucester Gas Project development area, with the NSW Office of Coal Seam Gas,” a spokeswoman for the company said. 

“These PPL applications best represent AGL’s future exploration, development and production activities which will deliver affordable gas for NSW. 

“These PPL applications are new, replacing the previous application for a single PPL which has been withdrawn.”

A petroleum production lease gives the holder the exclusive right to extract petroleum over a specific area of land.

Development consent under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act must also be in place before a lease can be granted.