Low rivers prompt warning

MIDCOAST Water is urging all water users in Gloucester to take it easy on outside water use in a bid to slow down demand on supplies.

The water authority has issued a plea to all water users as river levels across the region fall in an effort to reduce water use.

MidCoast Water’s general manager Robert Loadsman said the latest weather forecasts, combined with rising water use due to the number of tourists visiting the area, is prompting the call to save water.

“This hot weather and the arrival of tourists to enjoy the beautiful area we have to offer do combine to put pressure on our water supplies, so we are hopeful that all water users will help by doing their bit to slow down water use,” he said. 

Flows in the Manning River, which supplies water to the region between Crowdy Head and Tarbuck Bay via the Bootawa Water Treatment Plant, have fallen and levels are being watched carefully. 

Similar attention is being paid to the flow in the Barrington River, which supplies Gloucester and Karuah River - supplying Stroud and Stroud Road residents.

“We are appealing to our customers to help us out by taking part in the summer water saving program by limiting their outdoor water use and confining it to early in the morning or late afternoon,” Mr Loadsman said.

The program operates on a voluntary basis and has generally been well supported in past years, Mr Loadsman said.

It covers all water supply schemes in the Greater Taree, Great Lakes and Gloucester council areas and applies to households, businesses, parks, gardens and sporting grounds.

The program’s main message is simple - outdoor use should be limited and fixed hoses, sprinklers and microspray systems should not be used during the hottest part of the day, between 10am and 4pm.

Supporting the summer water saving program will not only help water supplies, it is also more effective for gardens.

Watering during the heat of the day is inefficient as the water evaporates before the plants have a chance to benefit from it - wasting water and money. Restricting watering to the cooler hours of the day is far more effective.

Mr Loadsman said there were many simple ways of reducing water consumption and encouraged all consumers to think about water wise options for the summer.

Further water saving information is available at www.midcoastwater.com.au.

MidCoast Water has warned of possible water restrictions if rain does not fall soon.

MidCoast Water has warned of possible water restrictions if rain does not fall soon.