Tourism kicks $44 million into economy

TOURISM continues to be a leading player in the Gloucester Shire bringing $44 million into the local economy each year or $120,550 each day, according to data released by Tourism Research Australia.

The figure is based on a four-year average to September 2013 of international travellers and domestic day and overnight visitors.

Gloucester tourism manager Wendy Hughes.

Gloucester tourism manager Wendy Hughes.

Visitor numbers climbed in the 12 months from September 2012 according to the data, which is based on statistical geographical areas known as SA2s which have been drawn by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The use of a SA2 regions means the data is for a geographic region that may not exactly match the boundaries of the Gloucester local government area. 

As such, Tourism Research Australia (TRA) said the data should be considered as a best approximation of the visitor profile of the Gloucester Shire. 

Domestic overnight visitors spent an average $36 million and stayed 2.7 nights according to the TRA figures.

Domestic day trippers spent a total of $8 million while the spend for international visitors was less than $1 million.

The average spend per overnight visitor was $395 while the average spend per night was $148.

International visitors stayed an average 4.9 nights and spent $325 per person. The average domestic day tripper spent about $95.

“As expected, Sydney is still our major single market accounting for 37 per cent of our total visitation, with regional NSW accounting for 54 per cent,” tourism manager Wendy Hughes said.

“Sixty-four per cent of visitors stated that the purpose of their visit was holiday, while 25 per cent were visiting friends and relatives.

"While there was insufficient data to quantify business visitation, we aim to undertake more research into that area as we recognise that business is a very important component of tourism in Gloucester.”  

Mrs Hughes said the Visitor Information Centre would research brand recognition and brand association in order to quantify its best marketing spend for the next financial year.

“All in all, tourism continues to make positive progress in Gloucester and the Barrington Tops with 47 accommodation properties and 20 camping areas,” she said.

“The Easter holidays are looking really promising with early bookings throughout the district and many places booked out already.”