Red Shield Appeal 2014 hits Gloucester on Sunday

Can you help? Call Paul on 0427 750 077, Grahame on 0438 136 370, or Keith on 0467 587 819.
Can you help? Call Paul on 0427 750 077, Grahame on 0438 136 370, or Keith on 0467 587 819.

THE Salvation Army conducts the Red Shield Appeal each year.

This appeal is the main source of funding for the many areas of social and welfare work undertaken by the Salvos.

Collectors will be out and around the town and district on Saturday and Sunday, May 24 and 25.

Although there isn’t an established Salvation Army presence in Gloucester there are many services available to the community.

“One such service is the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program which is a long-term residential program with five facilities in NSW,” Captain Keith Atkinson, a former resident of Gloucester, said. “Many success stories can be told of men and women who have undertaken this program.

“Another service is the Family Tracing Service, available to everyone – many long lost family members have been found through this service.”

The Red Shield Defence Service is made up of ‘Sally Men’ and chaplains working with defence service personnel and their families both at home and when deployed overseas.

The Salvation Army also offers counselling, financial counselling, grief counselling.

For assistance in accessing these services you can call The Salvation Army in Taree on 6551 2570. For information about these services go to the Army’s website

The door knock will be conducted in Gloucester on Sunday, May 25.

“If anyone would like to assist by collecting for just three hours on Sunday, we would love to hear from you,” Keith said. “We will be commencing at 9am on Sunday, May 25 from the Majestic Theatre Arcade, however,

if you would prefer to collect on Saturday, May 24, please let us know.”

Organisers for Gloucester are Paul Sheridan 0427 750 077, and Grahame Holstein, 0438 136 370, assisted by Captain Keith Atkinson, 0467 587 819.