GALLERY: ‘Number 272’ a winner for Rachel

FORMER commercial photographer Rachel Saunders has won her first Pix from the Stix major prize.

Ms Saunders’ stunning photograph of a small, rundown cottage on Jems Creek Rd at Cobark was deemed the outstanding work by judge Ric Woods at the awards presentation last Friday night.

“I’d buy it,” Mr Woods said of the winning image, titled ‘Number 272’.

Ms Saunders, who worked for many years as a professional photographer before relocating to Copeland 18 months ago, said she had taken the picture while on her way to work at Cobark.

“It’s so cute, I love that place,” she said.

While she is retired from fulltime photography, Ms Saunders still enjoys taking photographs and will next year hold an exhibition at the Gloucester Gallery.

“Most of my photography these days is nature based,” she said.

This is the third year Ms Saunders has entered the competition.

Last year she won the Lie of the Land category for her image ‘River Shimmer’ of the Cobark River. ‘Number 272’ took out the Lie of the Land category at this year’s awards.

Results for Pix from the Stix 2014:

- Major Prize: Rachel Saunders, ‘Number 272’.

- Locals: 1st Sandra Ford, ‘Ziggy’; 2nd Sandra Middlebrook, ‘After a Day’s Work’; Highly Commended Shayne Gardiner, ‘Swirling Whirling Childhood’.

- Natural Environment: 1st Jeff de Witte, ‘Steps’; 2nd Janet Stayte, ‘Dawn’; Highly Commended Lee Spinks, ‘Newborn Dragonfly’.

- Lie of the Land: 1st Rachel Saunders, ‘Number 272’; 2nd Shayne Gardiner, ‘Good Morning’; Highly Commended Janet Stayte, ‘Morning Light’.

- Man Made: 1st Julie Wilson, ‘Super Power - Shine’; 2nd Cindy Clark, ‘Aging Face’; Highly Commended Mark Pierera, ‘Old Wares’.

- Not Your Normal Photo: 1st Jeff de Witte, ‘They Don’t Bite’; 2nd Linda Benson, ‘A Key Hole into the Future’; Highly Commended Rachel Saunders, ‘Moth’.

- Absence of Colour: 1st Martynto Rustandi, ‘The Only Colour I see is…You’; 2nd Sandra Middlebrook, ‘The Crossing’; Highly Commended Julie Wilson, ‘Peaceful’.

- Cultural Events: First Les Watts, ‘G’day Mate’; 2nd Anne Webeck, ‘Christmas Time’.

- Junior: 1st Sophie Middlebrook, ‘Young - Old’; 2nd Kate Wilson, ‘My Pup’; Highly Commended Jalil Verzi-Hartigan, ‘Deep Velvet’.

Pix from the Stix is on exhibition at the Gloucester Gallery until July 13.