Rodeo kicks off Gloucester Show

IT was a hot and humid weekend where temperatures hit higher than 32 degrees in the valley. But despite the heat, or perhaps because of it, the annual Gloucester Show had its best bar takings in years.

“It was a record,” show committee president James Hooke said.

“It was the most the bar has ever taken over two days. The gate was a little up on normal, and the barbecue was up on normal. There was a lot of action going on.”

No major incidences were reported by police, and Cr Hooke said many commented to him that it “was the best show in 20 years”.

“The rodeo was certainly a big part of it,” he said.

"I think a lot of the success was because we did a few things differently. People loved the Rooftop Express and I even heard the fireworks were better than other years,” he said, referring to Saturday night’s highlight events.

Also topping the list of attractions was the animal nursery, the second year running it has been held. Moving on from the nursery to the rodeo, the youngest kids literally sticking up their hand to ride a calf may have had trouble staying on the animal for eight seconds, but they stoically dusted themselves off under the cheering and applause of the extensive audience.

Cr Hooke said Friday night’s rodeo attracted a different crowd to usual.

“There were a lot of young people, a few families, but mostly young single people. That’s really good for us. Some local, but a lot I didn’t know,” he reflected, pleased the event achieved its purpose.

Traditionally Friday night has had less than 100 people through the gate, but peak hour through the gate for the rodeo led to six people manning the two gates on Friday night with congestion still backing up to Gloucester Bridge.

Whilst those entering the rodeo events came off without serious injury, Cr Hooke said the main injuries were “only to pride.” “We were going to shut the bar so we could watch Rodney Summerville in the celebrity rodeo round for 30 seconds, but we only needed to shut it for five,” he laughed.

Photos and results to follow over the coming weeks.