Bird watcher welcomes back ospreys: photos

BIRD watcher and keen photographer Luis Huesch has once again captured an Eastern Osprey nesting at the Green Point turn off power pole south of Forster.

Last year he photographed a breeding pair feeding a young one at the pole and shared the image with the Great Lakes Advocate.

“I'm not certain if this is the original couple I saw (last year) or its offspring.  Experts say the ospreys do not breed two seasons in succession.”

The Eastern Osprey breeds from April to February in Australia and females lay clutches of one to four eggs.

As documented by Luis’ photos last year, the young birds are mainly fed by the female on food delivered by the male, but later both parents gather and supply food.

Luis is keen to keep an eye on what happens next at the nest but the 80-year-old says his bird watching has had to take a back seat in recent times.

“I live in an unfinished house and it’s an immense amount of work.  I hope to have it liveable by winter so my birdwatching has suffered.”

One of his favourite birds is the beautiful blue wren.

“I’m a guy for colour.”

Luis, who still has a strong German accent, moved to Australia in 1971 with his wife and four children.  He lives on a 53-acre property at Charlotte Bay with approximately 90 per cent of the land dedicated as a conservation area.

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