A skill everyone should have

Josh Hill plays his guitar at the Bucketts Way Neighbourhood Centre where he volunteers teaching others how to play.
Josh Hill plays his guitar at the Bucketts Way Neighbourhood Centre where he volunteers teaching others how to play.

A local volunteer stresses the importance of learning basic first aid after having to put his new skills into practice.

Bucketts Way Neighbourhood Group volunteer disability worker, Josh Hill feels he was better prepared to help an injured motorbike rider after completing the first aid course required for his position.

Josh was helping a local mail contractor deliver his run on Carters Road, Curricabark when they came across the injured Taree man. The accident occurred up in the mountains where there is no phone reception.

When coming down the hill back toward town, they saw a man lying on the gravel road with his friend holding him. Josh jumped out of the car and asked what had happened.

The two friends had travelled to the area for a picnic on their road bikes when they found themselves on a gravel road. The injured man was driving slowly around a bend when he crashed his bike. He landed on the iPhone in his pocket and broke his ribs.

When Josh had gotten there, the man had already crawled over to his bike and taken his helmet off. Josh knows after his recent first aid course, the man should have stayed still.

When other locals came to help, they put the injured rider into the recovery position to try to help minimise his pain. Josh sat with him to make sure he was okay while others went to find mobile reception in order to call triple zero.   

Due to the location, it took several hours for the ambulance and Westpac Rescue helicopter to arrive

Josh says he remained calm during the experience because of what he learned in the first aid course. He’s speaking out to tell people how important it is to have a basic understanding of what to do in an emergency situation.

“Which is all you need to save someone’s life. It feels really good to know someone is alive because I could help,” says Josh.

He says the course doesn’t teach you how to fix the broken ribs but it does teach you what to do if the person has trouble breathing.

“You learn that breathing is the most important part of staying alive,” Josh explains.

He stresses it’s only a one day course and encourages everyone to do it.