Camp Quality rides through Gloucester

Cycling through Gloucester

Cyclists flowed into Gloucester on Tuesday, September 6 as part of a fundraiser for Camp Quality.

30 riders with their support crew of 20, including doctors, masseurs and baristas, stayed in Gloucester on day three of their eight day ride.

The annual event which is normally 1000 kilometres in 10 days, was modified this year to be a Tour de Hunter, involving 800 kilometres in 8 days.

The tour kicked off on Father’s Day Sunday, September 4 from Newcastle and will complete a return circuit back to Warners Bay on September 11.

Before reaching Gloucester, the riders had passed through Nabiac and Krambach. They visited the local schools and put on a puppet show educating the students about cancer.

Unfortunately, due to an illness that reached six cyclists and four support crew, they team didn’t make it to Gloucester Public School as planned. 

Fundraising Specialist for Camp Quality Newcastle, Donna George, said the ride takes all year to plan. Riders spend that time raising the minimum amount required to do the event of $4000, while support crew require $1500. Although Donna said generally those involved raise more than their minimum.

“This year we have a goal to raise $400,000,” she said.

The team stay in local pubs to help keep the costs down, so they can donate more to the children.

Money raised goes toward sending children with cancer to Camp Quality, so they can forget about their treatment for a while and just have fun. It also goes toward other programs to help support families affected by cancer.

“Camp Quality is all about fun and laughter. Giving children with cancer an environment to be in with other children who understand what they are going through,” Donna said.