Busting the graffiti vandal

Ted Bickford will be travelling to Gloucester later this month.
Ted Bickford will be travelling to Gloucester later this month.

It goes without saying, not only is the Great Lakes a great place to live, it also is one of the few towns in the country which can claim to be graffiti-free.

For more than 20 years Ted Bickford, the founder of the iconic Graffiti Busters, and his team of mainly Great Lakes Senior College students and young out-of-work volunteers have worked tirelessly to rid the Great Lakes of unsightly scribbles and scrawls.

Now, Ted and his team are going to work their magic in Gloucester, following a spate of graffiti vandalism incidents earlier this month.

Ted’s Gloucester project is part of the State government’s Graffiti Removal Day initiative, set down for October 30.

Ted has sent out a warning to all would-be Gloucester graffiti defacers that their art work won’t last long.

They just shouldn’t bother because we will removed it straight away, Ted said.

“Hopefully when they see my truck, and know we exist they won’t do it,” he said.

Ted said he was more than happy to lend his support to the town of Gloucester.

Also, he is keen to introduce a project to Gloucester High Schools students similar to his successful undertaking in the Great Lakes.

“If we can start an education project in the schools we can stop the problem.”

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