Man dead, police firearm discharged after domestic stabbing in Port Macquarie

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Friday, 11am: Coffs Harbour Police have addressed the media about an incident in Port Macquarie where a woman was violently attacked and stabbed at her home after which a man was shot dead by police.

Police have confirmed the woman and the offender were known to each other for about two months.

They would not confirm reports the couple had met on an online dating site, saying those details would be a part of their investigation.

On the 31st of October there was an application from the victim to police for an apprehended violence order against the offender.

The offender evaded police and they were unable to serve the AVO.

Police also confirmed on the night of the incident, the man lay in wait for the woman at her home before he instigated the alleged stabbing attack that left her with multiple stabbing wounds.

The offender fled the scene and police initiated a highway pursuit northward which, due to concerns for other roads users, was abandoned.

A confrontation with police resulted in several shots being fired by police.

The man died. A critical incident report is now being prepared. Police would not release any details about the offender until his family had been contacted.

The woman remains in Port Macquarie Base Hospital in a stable condition.

Friday, 6am: A 28-year-old woman, stabbed multiple times and doused in petrol in a domestic dispute, is now in a stable condition at Port Macquarie Base Hospital.

Police will continue their investigations into the incident today which resulted in the shooting of a 36-year-old man at Bonville after a police chase along the Pacific Highway.

The highway was closed throughout the evening, but is now open to traffic.

Police will address the media about the incident at 11am outside Coffs Harbour Police Station.

Thursday, 11pm: A MAN has been shot dead after a police pursuit following an horrific domestic incident which has left Port Macquarie woman in hospital with serious stab wounds to her body.

The sickening attack unfolded in a quiet suburban street at around 6.30pm on Thursday, November 3.

Police were called to an emergency in Magnolia Place where they found a 28-year-old woman in a serious condition with multiple stab wounds to her body. It is believed she was also doused in petrol.

NSW Paramedics attended the scene and treated the woman on the floor of a neighbour’s garage, where she had crawled to for help, before rushing her to Port Macquarie Base Hospital for emergency treatment.

While emergency staff attended to the woman, and Magnolia Place was cordoned off as a crime scene, a police pursuit was unfolding along the Pacific Highway.

A 36-year-old man, known by the woman, had allegedly fled the scene after the attack.

There are some reports suggesting the couple met each other via the online dating app Tinder and the man was known to Queensland Police. It is believed the woman had sought out an apprehended violence order.

At 9.45pm, police attempted to stop and arrest the man following a lengthy chase along on the Pacific Highway, at Bonville near Coffs Harbour.

Police at the scene of a fatal shooting near Coffs Harbour in northern NSW.  Photo: Frank Redward, courtesy SMH.

Police at the scene of a fatal shooting near Coffs Harbour in northern NSW. Photo: Frank Redward, courtesy SMH.

A NSW Police Media statement said a confrontation between police and the man ensued following the pursuit.

A police firearm was discharged and the man died. A critical incident investigation has now been launched.

“A critical incident team from State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad will now investigate all circumstances surrounding the incident including the discharge of a police firearm,” the statement read.

“That investigation will be subject to independent review.

“All information will be provided to the Coroner who will determine the cause of death and make any findings about the events leading up to the man’s death.”

The Pacific Highway at Bonville was closed to traffic all night and diverted away from the incident scene.

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