‘UFO’ flies across Macleay Valley sky

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Dave Baker and his wife Pack believe it is possible they captured the moment a UFO travelled across the Macleay Valley sky.

The couple took pictures of the the sunset from the viewpoint at Greenhill Quarry Thursday evening at about 7pm and later discovered an unusual object.

“We didn’t notice it at first but when we looked at it a second time, we noticed something very strange,” Mr Baker explained.

“My wife is very excited and believes it is a UFO but I am a little more skeptical – I can’t identify the shape but it definitely could be a spaceship.”

“I have never seen anything like this before.”

Mr Baker wants other people to judge the images for themselves but said “the truth is out there.”

This story ‘UFO’ flies across Macleay Valley sky | Photos first appeared on The Macleay Argus.