Lightning strikes

View of the Bucketts. Picture: Penny Dellsperger

View of the Bucketts. Picture: Penny Dellsperger

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According to Weatherzone, 16,750 lightning strikes occurred within a 50 kilometre radius of Gloucester on Saturday night (February 18).

While most of the strikes occurred between clouds, 3,411 of them hit the ground. 

A NSW RFS spokesperson said most of the 200 fires started around the State over the weekend can be attributed to lightning.

Lightning is believed be the cause of the fire at Mount Mooney Trail, Upper Bowman, which flared up on Saturday, February 18 and is currently being controlled. It began with an isolated fire in a tree and began to spread. 

The fire at Barnard/Giro continues to burn and currently being controlled as crew monitor the vast area with the firing having burnt over 14,500 hectares of land so far. It has a 60 kilometre edge with work still needing to be done before it is out.

Fire came close to the Karamea Homestead in Curracabundi National Park but the property was saved.

The fire at Howes Creek, Terrell near Wards River has burnt over 3,200 hectres and also continues to burn.

Heavy rain has caused fire trucks to get bogged at some locations, while other fronts remain dry.

The lightning caused multiple flare ups around the region, most of which were extinguish quickly with the help of fire crews and heavy rain.

The NSW RFS are using aircrafts, designed for fire spotting, to patrol the region on the look out for any new fires.

The RFS spokeperson explained that lightning strikes can cause fire within trees that continue to burn for several days without being detected.