Gloucester Magpies defeat the East Maitland Griffins

The East Maitland Griffins travelled to Gloucester’s Bert Gallagher oval on Saturday, May 20 with an undefeated record sitting on top of the ladder and full of confidence.

This was short lived as the Maggies, Tom Middlebrook scored the first try off a great around the corner pass from Scott Wratten just minutes in.

With a bit of buzz around the park after that early try Scott and Tom thought they would try the same move again with it looking like a replay with Tom scoring a double.

East Maitland were starting to get a bit frustrated with the brick wall like defence from the Maggies and started to use their elbows instead of their shoulders and the penalties started to flow the Maggies way which led to more great tries.

Novan Munro couldn’t miss a conversion slotting them from everywhere, more and more tries came the Maggies way with great work from all the boys.

The Griffins only managed to score one try off a deflection from one of the Maggie players.

The brilliance never stopped all game with Maggies running away with a huge win 68 points to 4.

The next home game will be another tough one as Waratah Mayfield is sitting second on the ladder, this game is fixed to be played at home on berties oval at 3pm.

With the ex-Knights star, Robbie O’Davis set to play his first game this weekend the Maggies will be looking to notch up another win. Hope to see you all there.