Gloucester Scorpions Soccer Club

Barrington and Gloucester Pest Control division two:

Autolec (dark blue) versus Water and Tipper Hire (light blue) was the first match of the day played in very foggy conditions. Dark blue took control early in the game with the excellent attacking form of Beau, Sam and Kaitlyn. Alyssa made some great saves in goals for Autolec, helping keep light blue score-less. Bree played some great defence for light blue, but was overrun by the great teamwork of dark blue.Final score 10-0.

A great tussle ensued in the second game between Lovey’s IGA (red) and Gloucester Bluelight (green). The hard work of the red mid-fielders set up some excellent scoring opportunities for their strikers, Nicholas, Dean and Hamish. Connor and Lucas once again had a strong game for green, scoring one goal apiece. Final score 5-2 to red, does not really reflect how close the game was.

The final game of the day saw the sun shining on the match between Gloucester Farmer’s Market (yellow) and HSV (white). It was a tight tussle, with a lot of fast moving play between the players who are finally finding their positions. Goals to Mitch, Sam and Nathan for yellow and Nicholas and Bradley for white. Final score 5-2 to yellow.

A big thank you to all the parents and managers who respected the Silent Saturday code today. It was great to hear the children on the field encouraging and supporting each other in great team work.

Tea Gardens gala day teams, if you are able to get to training this week we will give the teams a run together, 4pm – 5pm.

Avon Valley Concreting division four:

Ollies Service Centre versus Avon Valley Concreting – Toby Kellehear started off the game with some great ball work and set up some great plays through out the game. William Coombe worked well to turn the ball around numerous times  and was also good in defence. Josh Stanton defended well the whole game. Jacob Brown did a fabulous job kicking the ball up the field and was also heavily involved in the whole game. Lucas Reyes showed great ball work. Cooper Allen had some great throw ins. Ryder Guttridge was heavily involved in getting the ball back and Charlie Coombe got two goals after multiple attempts and a great all round game.

Gloss-Ter Carwash division one:

Game one –  this week was between Gloucester Bluelight and Autolec Gloucester. Gloucester Bluelight played very well together, it was a great match to watch. Kaito Sutton scored two goals. Dylan Green scored one goal. Hamish McClure stopped some strong kicks when in goal. Autolec Gloucester is jelling really well as a team, showing strong team work and great communication.

Game two – Accommodation Gloucester v Hunter Special Vehicles saw Accommodation Gloucester able to take to the field as a team with nine players after their forfeit last week. In the first half Hunter Special Vehicles attacked well with Andrew kept busing in goal. Half time score was 1 – 0 to Hunter Special Vehicles. Accommodation Gloucester have started to get their structure in place. Cameron, Jake, Josh and Seth upfront. Ella, Tyler, Dylan and Amy in defence. Everyone played well. Hunter Special Vehicles showed excellent passing and defence. The only goal scored by James McLeod. Paula did a mighty job defending the goals. Final score 1 – 0 to Hunter Special Vehicles.