Gloucester Panthers

Jyah Bowden
Jyah Bowden

Division three:

Last Saturday, the Gloucester Panthers had their first home game for the season against the Sharks and they didn’t let themselves down.

Despite a slow start to the point board, there was some great game play between the two teams.

Newcomers to the team, and the sport, Jyah Bowden and Jacob Bird, showed how handy they could be with the stick making some great breaks and assists in play.

The Sharks began to apply some pressure toward the end of the first half creating five penalty goal attempts in a row.

Despite the opportunities, the Panthers kept them scoreless to go into the second half 0-0.

The second half saw a change in possession as the Panthers put some great pressure down the sidelines.

Everyone played their part and before long, Jyah Bowden was able to save a ball over the backline and convert it into a goal. Michael Green took advantage of a short corner penalty to score the team’s second goal.

Brendan Tonks made a couple of attempts from wide in the shooting circle, finally converting a great backhand shot.

The Panthers were able to keep the Sharks away from the goal with some great defence for the remainder of the match to see a final score of 3-0.

Division two: 

Panther’s went up against the Sharks on Thursday night.

They had a strong start to the game dominating in possession initially and keeping the opposition out of reach of the goal; however midway through the first half, a fumble in the goal mouth saw keeper, Cameron Hook accidentally knock the ball back and allow the Sharks to convert an easy goal.

The Sharks gained some momentum at this point and, after creating a short corner penalty opportunity, were able to score a second goal.

The Panthers allowed some dubious umpiring frustrate them and found it difficult to get the ball up the scoring end of the field.

The second half saw the team come out stronger again and worked some great passing between one another.

The Sharks did not let up either and this half was a great contest of skill between both teams.

Neither could make any headway against some great defence and so no further goals were conceded.

The final score, 0-2 to the Sharks.

Next week, both divisions come up against Wingham.