Letter to the editor: Postcodes

Postcodes were quoted in the article 'Work on mine continues ' (May 17). Mr Clifford, chief executive of GRL, states “Only a small percentage of the total submissions were from the Gloucester Shire" 2422 area. Mr Clifford, this does not disqualify people from having an opinion and an objection.

We live in a world that is warming. We are in climate crisis. This is fact. We must reduce our emissions. Fact. People across the entire planet will be affected by emissions from this mine if it goes ahead. Fact.  We do not live in isolation on the planet.

Where do the owners of this mine live? Not in 2422. Fact.  

Of the submissions in support of the project more than 50 per cent were from areas other than 2422 including Malaysia, Korea and Hong Kong. Fact.

Postcodes are irrelevant.

Dominique Jacobs