London terror attack leaves Riverina resident shaken

A former Riverina woman living in London is considering coming home after being sent into a “state of shock” after yesterday’s horrifying terror attacks. 

Georgia Scherini was at a gig at Alexandra Palace around 10pm on Saturday night when the attacks rocked London residents, killing at least six people and leaving 48 people in hospital. 

“Its a bit surreal, it’s one of those things where you think it won’t happen to us,” Ms Scherini said. 

“This is the third attack in months and I’m starting to think will I stay here or just come home? 

“I mean how much more can you push it?” 

A van driving at high speed mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge, before the occupants got out and began stabbing patrons at nearby bars and restaurants. 

Police said the three attackers, who were wearing what appeared to be explosive vests, were then shot dead in a confrontation with police outside the popular Borough Market. 

Ms Scherini received a message from her mum, who lives in Narranderra, asking whether she was OK around 11pm that night. 

Where the attacks occured. Picture: Sydney Morning Herald

Where the attacks occured. Picture: Sydney Morning Herald

With no reception inside the venue, Ms Scherini said she was “completely oblivious” to what was going on, until her mother’s message came through. 

The message read: “Oh my god – not again. So scary, particularly not knowing where you are. Hoping you are at home in bed. I love you.” 

Ms Scherini replied asking what was going on, to which her mother broke the horrifying news. 

“Over here you create your own family with friends and we are all just in complete shock, we are really concerned,” she said. 

“I know I’ve spoken to one friend and she's said if one more thing happens she will go home.” 

Ms Scherini said she couldn’t believe it was happening, especially so soon after the Manchester attack. 

“These things will always happen in the world but London is such a big tourist city that it gets a lot more attention,” she said. 

Forced to detour on the London tube after the central line was closed due to the attacks, Ms Scherini said it took 45 minutes longer than usual to get home to safety. 

While Ms Scherini said the attacks were “very scary”, she said she refused to be afraid to walk the streets in what is now her second home. 

“You can’t let people ruin your life here, you’re here to enjoy the city,” she said. 

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