Anglican Care is hosting a Gloucester Community Engagement Day

Anglican Care chief executive officer Colin Osborne

Anglican Care chief executive officer Colin Osborne

With the purchase of land on Clement Street for the purpose of a nursing home and retirement village proceeding, Anglican Care is seeking Gloucester community input.

The purchase means that Anglican Care has begun to design a residential aged care home and retirement living village for the site. 

They will be hosting a Community Engagement Day on Thursday, June 22 at the Gloucester Soldiers Club, where several small session groups will have the chance to offer their thoughts about a retirement living village in town.

Anglican Care is stressing the importance of this type of facility in Gloucester, stating that as older baby boomers reach 71 year old this year, there will be an impact on aged care providers.

“As a well-informed and educated generation, the baby boomers are helping to shape our future aged care services, with many dreaming of having the freedom to pursue their own interests without the hassle of maintaining the family home,” a spokesperson for Anglican Care said. 

“That’s where retirement living becomes a great option for people to consider, imagine having fewer responsibilities and more time to spend with friends and family.”

Retirement living is generally defined as a residential, multi-dwelling complex specifically designed for seniors aged 55 years and over, although Anglican Care has an average age of new occupants of mid to late 70’s. 

Anglican Care said that other benefits to this type of living is the community environment.

“There’s opportunity to be part of a community of like minded people; enjoying the social interaction, companionship, physical and emotional security that it may provide can be priceless.” 

“Further advantages include no more tending to the lawn and garden, being able to ‘lock and leave’ for holidays and 24 hour emergency call systems – giving you a real sense of security,” Anglican Care said.

There will be various sessions times ranging from 10am until 1pm, if interested please contact Kylie on 4958 0095 to book in.