Panther’s take the win

Division three: Dale Tonks deflects while teammate, Cameron Hook looks on. Picture: Dave Keen
Division three: Dale Tonks deflects while teammate, Cameron Hook looks on. Picture: Dave Keen

Division three

Last Wednesday (June 7), the Gloucester Panthers played a catch up game (from Easter) against the Chatham Wolves.

The Panthers started on the back foot a little, allowing the Wolves to gain some early ground and consequently a goal to follow.

The Panthers however were quick to regain their form and got back into a great playing rhythm with confident passing and some great leads. Michael Green was the first to score for Gloucester, taking a charge right through the centre of Chatham's defence.

Not long after, a penalty corner lead to Michael's second goal to lead into the second half. The Panthers did not let up on their pressure in the second half. A break down the right side from newcomer, Aaron Dennes, set up Nick Atkins for his first goal for the night and he was quick to repeat with a second only moments later.

He was on track to a hat trick but the ball just scooted wide of the goal. Michael Green managed to score his third goal with only 10 minutes remaining. Chatham continued their pressure where they could and, with minutes on the time board, salvaged a second goal from a short corner. Captain, Dale Tonks was very pleased with their performance finishing the night with a 5-2 win.

Division two 

The team started out with high expectations coming up against Chatham however, due to some injuries, their numbers were down and they couldn't mark up effectively against the opposition.

This didn't stop their performance however and, despite the loss for the night, the Panthers had one of their best games for the season.

Gloucester started off with some great possession, Callum Howard making some valuable leads. Trevor Bolton had a great a game filling in the gaps where he could.

Midway through the first half, the Chatham Wolves started breaking through the Panther's defence and got a bit of a role. Scoring opportunities presented themselves infrequently for Gloucester without the numbers for support and despite a goal early in the second half from captain, Mark Coombes, it was not enough to salvage a disappointing loss, down 7-1. Next week, both divisions will take on the Tigers.