Scorpions Soccer results

Division Two

The first game of the day, June 24, was between Autolec (dark blue) and Water and Tipper Hire (light blue). Dark blue are clearly showing their positional skills, holding and passing which is paying dividends at both ends of the field. Nicholas kept out a barrage of shots for light blue, no doubt a bit bruised by putting his body on the line for his team. Beau scored four goals himself and went about setting up many opportunities for his team mates. Harvey won a lot of ball in the middle and had a great game in the midfield. Sam worked his magic for his team, ducking and weaving through the field only to be thwarted by Caiden’s tight defence in goals. A good looking game, final score 4-0 to Autolec.

The second game of the day was a rematch of Lovey’s IGA (red) vs Gloucester Farmer’s Markets (yellow). Yellow were determined to make up for last week’s loss and battled hard from the outset. Both teams were solid, but yellow seemed to have the greatest luck on the day, popping ‘miracle’ shots into the net with regularity. Red were great in defence with Harry, Felicity, Jackson and Jake putting everything into their game. Jack scored the sole goal for red, whilst yellow’s goals were spread between Sam, Mitch, Hayden and Shannon. Yellow triumphant winning 4-1.

The final game of the day was a tight affair between Hunter Special Vehicles (white) and Gloucester Bluelight (green). White displayed the greatest enthusiasm, with Bradley showing off some fancy footwork moving all over the field. Adelaide and Jess also worked tirelessly in defence, making scoring hard for Green. Darcy was outstanding for green, always seeming to know just where to be at all times for her team. Despite being one player down, white took the game 3-2.

Division One

Accommodation Gloucester v Autolec – What a great game to start the day! Autolec started well and scored two quick goals, Accommodation Gloucester then got their feet and the game evened out with Autolec scoring one more goal before half time. In the second half Accommodation Gloucester had plenty of chances and near misses but just could not finish them off. Owen proved himself in goals being bombarded by on numerous occasions. Aiden Coombes and Alarni Longbottom had many breaks down the field. Defence by Tom & Will was continuous through out the game. Final score 4 goals to 2 to Autolec.

Hunter Special Vehicles v Gloucester BlueLight- also a great game with everyone putting in a great effort. Kaito Sutton scored two goals for BlueLight, Mia Zvingulis did a great job as goal keeper. Baily Ballantyne for Hunter Special Vehicles was on fire with his kicking this week. Final score 7 goals to 2 to Hunter Special Vehicles.

Drifta Tough it Out In 4-0 Win

 A tough game this week on Saturday 24th June between the Drifta 14's and Cundletown Jets with tension in the air throughout the match. Xander celebrated our first goal within the first few minutes, finding an opening and dummying their keeper, sneaking in around behind him and tapping it to the back of the net. Zeke, Kelly and Kayden kept the  Jets' defence line busy, pushing their way through at every opportunity. Isaac and Lane worked well, pushing the ball up front, enabling Josh to add to the scoreline, while the Forresters pushed hard all game. Within minutes of the half time whistle blowing, a goal was awarded to us, involving Kelly, Harrison and their keeper and a few of their defenders.

 Despite being 3-0 up at half time, Drifta never felt they were on top of the game as the Jets were quite a tough team and could control the ball well. Our defensive line consisting of Jack, Tristyn and Hayden were faced with some fast-paced opposition, never giving up and awarding some free kicks to the Jets with their attacks, which were mainly around the goal area, causing tension in the air and could have possibly changed the outcome of the game had the ball found the back of our net. Determination set in among the Drifta team with our midfield and forwards attacking their goalie at every opportunity, who saved countless shots. Though it was Kelly who set up an excellent pass across to Aiden who drilled an unstoppable ball into the net, bringing our final score to 4-0. A well fought game today, congratulations to all the team. Next week we have another home game at 11:00am against Taree Wildcats.