Letter: Rates rise but pensioner rebate doesn’t

Along with all other MidCoast Council ratepayers, I recently received our latest rate notice for 2017-2018.

There was an increase in the amount due, for me a 9.51 per cent increase on last year’s amount.

I generally accept that, because all costs rise, council needs to also increase its revenue if it is to maintain and improve services.

I am of an age where I receive a State Government pension rebate of $250 per year on my council rates. All good so far, until one realises that whilst council rates increase every year, the $250 rebate has been a constant non-indexed amount since its introduction many, many years ago, someone told me it was 1980.

I encourage the Premier, through our local member, Stephen Bromhead, to review the amount of the rebate and bring it up-to-date with current costs and values. Such action will earn ‘our Glad’ much needed brownie points to partly off-set the fiasco of last year’s council mega merger.

Steven Maher

Failford NSW