Getting into the swing of things

The Devils and the Tigers
The Devils and the Tigers

Panthers versus Wildcats

This round saw the Panthers up against the Wildcats and, despite a slow start to the season for these two teams, they are both really starting to make some headway on the leaderboard.

This competition also really showed in their results as neither team could clinch a win over the other finishing in a draw 2-2. Jonas De Angelis scoring two goals for the Panthers while Bethany Hester and Bianca Turner scoring a goal a piece.

Tigers versus Devils

The match between the Tigers and the Devils was definitely a one-sided affair as the Tigers yet again played with only seven players.

The Devils overwhelmed them with able bodies on the field which showed in the results winning 8-1.

The Devils shared the goal scoring between Harry Moore, Lachlan McIntosh, Thomas Hooke, Nathan Woods and even young Sienna MacDonald made a wonderful effort in scoring two goals.

Kyle Atkins managed to get one in for the Tigers early but they soon became disheartened as the match wore on.

Sharks versus Dragons

The Sharks had a close encounter against the Dragons.

The Dragons started well with two runaway goals in the first half to Nick Maslen and Justin Battams but the Sharks were able to reorganise their team and clinch a fabulous comeback.

Dean Germon, looking more like a soccer star after scoring his two goals and a third to Harrison Edwards to finish the game victors 3-2.

Best and Fairest:

Panthers - Jackson Moore, Connor Carr, Jackson Blanch.

Wildcats: Elise Coombes, Jayden Hardy, Ryan Beggs.

Devils: Sienna MacDonald, Harrison Moore, Lucas Summerville.

Tigers: Pryce Crane, Beau Blanch, Elyssa Keen.

Sharks: Luke Blanch, Keira MacDonald, Dean Germon.

Dragons: Nick Maslen, Jackson Blanch, Rhys Summerville.