Free training offers to change people's lives

It’s all about providing opportunity for the Gloucester community to increase their skills.

That’s the motivation behind the Bucketts Way Neighbourhood Centre’s (BWNG) program of courses.

BWNG offers a range of nationally accredited training programs for people who are looking to learn something new, upskill to better their chance of employment or want to change direction in their career.

Some of the courses are offered for free, which allows people to get back on their feet, with successful students using the new skills to find employment.

BWNG chief executive officer, Anna Burley said a lot of people who have complete training courses have gone on to find work in the community.

The courses available now, you used to have to leave town for

Anna Burley

In one case, she explained, a person who was a victim of domestic violence and was homeless, completed a course, found a job and now has a place to live.

BWNG training coordinator, Erin Lute said there are a lot of different programs available that appeal to a wide range of interests.

“Last year more than 400 people attended the accreditation training programs, which for the most part was free,” she said.

Some courses, like Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), Responsible Service of Gaming (RSG), First Aid and Food Handling, aren’t subsidised and requires payment.

However, new courses like Introduction to Community Services and Business and Marketing, are offered for free.

The nationally recognised courses are run by a range BWNG’s partner Registered Training Organisations (RTO). BWNG provides the venue and students and the RTO provides qualified trainers.

“The courses available now, you used to have to leave town for,” Anna said. 

And it’s not just individuals taking advantage of the courses, with groups like the Country Women’s Association (CWA) and the Uniting Church taking the food handling course to ensure they meet the requirements for any functions that serve food.

Term three is currently underway but term four will be released near the end of September with the addition of Childcare, Digital Small Business and Retail.

BWNG is asking for feedback from the community about what kinds of programs would be most beneficial.

“If there is a certain course you would like use to run, let us know,” Erin said.

“The aim is to provide quality training that is most applicable and accessible to the Gloucester residents,” Anna said.

For information about what is on offer or to make a suggestion, visit the Facebook page or contact the office on 6558 2454.