Jetstar increases price of baggage purchased at airport

Picture: supplied
Picture: supplied

Budget airline Jetstar will increase its airport checked baggage fees as of  August 15.

Domestic passengers wishing to check baggage that they had not previously booked/paid for will be charged $60 for a 15 kilogram bag, up from $50.

Pre-purchased baggage that weighs in over its limit will also attract the $15-a-kilogram fee

Passengers with connecting domestic and international flights will be charged at the international per-kilo rate for their entire journey. 

A Jetstar spokesperson said the changes are being implemented after a review into fees charged to passengers who travel with bags but have not pre-purchased baggage.

“This won't affect most of our customers as the majority tend to pre-book baggage when they book their flight on,” the spokesperson said.  

The airline recommends passengers make sure they’re aware of their limits for carry-on and checked baggage to avoid the charges.