Letter to the editor: council election

Meet the Candidate in Gloucester on Monday, August 21 was a great opportunity to find out what the candidates plan to offer us if they are elected to MidCoast Council on September 9. 

We would love to see local representatives on council but we know we will need the support of the majority of our new council if Gloucester’s needs are to be met. So we must choose every councillor we vote for very carefully. We need to ask them all:

How will you ensure that the needs and priorities of smaller rural centres will be met by an urban, coastal based council?

How will you ensure you have a true understanding of what are the most important needs of our Gloucester community?

State government have been cutting councils funding for many years, how will you work to ensure our council receives a fair and sufficient share of our State funds?

We have lost many council employment positions in Gloucester over the last two years and we fear there will be more. Now, rumour is there has been a noticeable drop-off in local business in recent times. Will you support our economy by working to keep council employment local?

What will you do to help attract new businesses to Gloucester that will bring new families to town and enhance and not damage our existing great businesses?

No doubt you can think of other great questions that will help you know if a candidate will properly represent the Gloucester community. I regret I could not be there Monday. So I plan to use the candidate contacts provided on the NSW Electoral Commission website at candidates.elections.nsw.gov.au/t o ask them directly how they will work for Gloucester, and other small communities, if they are elected.

Penny Charles, Gloucester