MidCoast Council election 2017 candidates – Group C

Nawal Maharaj, Robyn Jenkins and John Rosenbaum are Group C.
Nawal Maharaj, Robyn Jenkins and John Rosenbaum are Group C.

Introducing Group C

The MidCoast Council election on September 9 will feature a group led by former Gloucester Shire Mayor, John Rosenbaum. 

It is the only Below the Line group in this election and the other candidates in the group, listed as Group C, are former Greater Taree City councillor Robyn Jenkins and community activist Nawal Maharaj.

Group C stands for:

Changing the current funding model for roads and bridges infrastructure in rural and regional areas. 

Many regional councils such as ours are obliged to spend more than twice the state-wide average spent by councils on roads and infrastructure. 

We believe this should be offset by increased funding from state and federal governments and we will actively advocate for such changes.

Caring for the environment and advocating for the community and our precious water catchment against the possible threats posed by invasive mining, such as those identified by MidCoast Water (September 2016).

Consideration of wards for the MidCoast Local Government Area.  

We support a robust discussion with the community and in council about whether the Local Government Area should be divided into wards and whether this may expand democratic representation of all communities in a way that preserves the identity and historic cohesion of the various local communities.

Centres associated with the headquarters of the former three pre-amalgamation local government areas of Forster, Gloucester and Taree to continue, on a rotating basis, as the new council’s meeting place and we are committed to support the spread of council services to be shared amongst these three centres.

Community consultation that is a cornerstone enabling accountable, accessible and transparent governance and candidates in the Group will be aiming to ensure that Council decisions and public records reflect these standards.

Group C is entirely self-funded and has chosen not to accept donations for its election campaign.

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