MidCoast Council election 2017 candidates – Group B

Group B: Brad Christensen and The Fresh Connect Team

Why should you vote for us?

We are the group that will represent you and give you a strong voice.

Your Fresh Connect team is made up of Brad Christensen - Harrington, Joshua Crowther - Rainbow Flat, Aaron Temple - Tallwoods Village, Donna Ballard - Dollys Flat, Mark Barratt - Nabiac and Peter Bolte - Taree.

Apart from having common sense, this team boasts a diverse range of local business experience, arts and culture, involvement in local sporting and volunteer groups.

With the opportunities that have been created from the merger, Group B are looking forward to working with whoever it takes to promote and build this region to where it should be.

We need councillors who are prepared to stand up for our community and who have the passion to promote our region by utilise its enormous potential.

It’s even more important now that we choose fresh, enthusiastic councillors that will allow the new MidCoast Council to function to it’s best ability.

As a lifelong Mid Coast resident, Brad has enjoyed exploring the region and experiencing various roles within the Manning Valley and Great Lakes alongside his wife and family.

He has done this through working as a dairy farmer, a small business owner and an agricultural assistant at a local high school.

Driven by a strong desire and passion to make a difference in our area, Brad and The Fresh Connect team have come together and intend to uphold the desires of the community by using Brad’s knowledge learnt previously on the Greater Taree City Council.

The Fresh Connect team put a heavy focus on listening to their community and putting their needs first. That’s what makes this team so unique.

“I encourage you to stand behind my Fresh Connect B Team; we are six local people uniting to promote this beautiful area and look after our community and its future,” said Brad.

Vote 1 Group B.

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