Letter: Independent councillors wanted in local government, not party political candidates!

Two months ago, Country Labor announced it would be a Group contender for the Local Government Elections on September 9, 2017

With the recent closing of nominations for councillors we now see that local Liberals are wanting to jump onto the same bandwagon.          

And further, there are Independents inferring National Party affiliation through holding National Party values.

“Enough” I cry!!

A reading of the reverse of the 69 councillor nomination forms provides clear evidence most candidates are disingenuous with their nomination/s. Many failed to include any information in the personal resume section and one fellow confused his date of birth with the day’s date. Attention to detail is obviously not his strong suit.

And these people want to be responsible for a $320 million business with 900 staff? On my reckoning, most could not organise a booze-up in a brewery!

If you want rudderless leadership the likes of the current crop of State and federal heavyweights, go for it; that is your right.

However, if you want to be a sensible and responsible voter, do a little homework and vote for a genuine independent candidate with a proven track record and not a politically-aligned representative beholden to a non-local organisation.

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Steven Maher