Gloucester District Tennis Association to host the 2017 Gloucester Open Australian Money Tournament and Junior Tournament

Over the October long weekend, Gloucester District Tennis Association (GDTA) will host the 2017 Gloucester Open Australian Money Tournament (AMT) and Junior Tournament (JT). 

GDTA are expecting the same numbers as last year, which over four days, saw 575 hundred matches played at the Gloucester tennis courts and at the Gloucester High School courts.

The event attracted 295 players from all over the State who had entered the tournament, 120 of which were juniors. 

AMT and JT are sanctioned by Tennis Australia. 

AMT’s are semi-professional tournaments introduced by Tennis Australia in 2006. 

AMT players compete for points and prize money. 

JT is an umbrella tour that provides a clear, competitive pathway for aspiring tennis players.

There is also opportunity for players with a more social inclination to play as well.

The tournament is a boon for Gloucester as players’ families and friends join them and participate in local activities, enjoy the shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants in the town, and, of course, the local accommodation.

It’s run on a voluntary basis by the committee of the Gloucester District Tennis Association; however, Tennis Australia regulations required paid officials, including the referee and court supervisors.

The tournament runs from Saturday, September 30 to Monday, October 2 at both the Gloucester tennis courts and the Gloucester High School tennis courts.

For more information contact Ruth Johnson on 0418 763 014 or