MidCoast Council election

Looking for information about which MidCoast Council election candidates are preferencing and which aren’t?


Group F (Karen Hutchinson) is swapping preferences with Group A (Len Roberts)

Group B (Brad Christensen) is swapping preferences with Group I (Katheryn Smith)  

Group D (Peter Epov) is swapping preferences with Group G (Kathryn Bell)

Ungrouped Paul Van Drunen is preferencing ungrouped Paul Sandilands

Not preferencing:

Group K (Jan McWilliams) 

Group E (Troy Fowler) 

Group C (John Rosenbaum) 

Group H (David West)

Group J (David Keegan) 

Ungrouped Susan Walker 

Ungrouped Russell Gardner 

Ungrouped Paul Sandilands 

MidCoast Council election takes place on Saturday, September 9

For more information on the council candidates here: Who are the MidCoast Council candidates?

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