Gloucester High School's excellence assembly

Gloucester High School celebrated the changing of the guard with the outgoing student leaders welcoming the incoming leaders.

Parents, guardians and family members packed into the GHS hall for the excellence assembly on Thursday, September 7.

GHS relieving principal, Trudi Edman explained the importance of the term three assembly, as it’s designed to recognise excellence in leadership.

She spoke about how past school leaders have moved on to become leaders in the community and beyond.

The senior leadership team, house captains and students representative council (SRC) were voted in by their peers. “These students are your voice,” Ms Edman said.

The of leaders were brought on stage, with parents or guardians invited to pin on their badges.

First up was the senior leadership team:

School captains:  Mia Bowden and Liam Chester

School vice captains:  Nina Samson and William Brown

SRC leaders:  Laura Dunlop and Andrew Hughes

Following the reciting of the leadership oath, the captains and vice captains signed the captain book.

The official handover from the outgoing leaders to the incoming leaders was marked by a passing of the baton ceremony.

Outgoing school captains, Holly Haynes and Bryce Lacey presented the incoming captains, Mia and Liam, a glitzy handmade crown and knighted each with the baton before handing it over. A similar ceremony took place from outgoing vice captains, Emme Moulds and Blake Steadman to the incoming vice captains, Nina and William.

House captains were named:

Belbora – captains: Lincoln Cox and Olivia Allardice; vice captains: Seamus Burke and Marnie Barkwill

Kurricar – captains: Cael Hickman and Ella Hooke; vice captains: Callum Howard and Kyra Edstein

Mograni – captains: James McLeod and Neve O’Brien; vice captains: Kieran Schneider and Isobel McDougall

Tibbuc – captains: Jacob Sopher and Ellie Schumann; vice captains: Dylan Schultz and Jordyn Snape

SRC recited the oath. Representatives are:

Year 7-8: Sarah Redman, Haylee Mathew, Beau Blanch, Julius Hollingsworth

Year 8-9: Zeke Llewellyn, Joseph Forrester, Indira Baker, Makayla Battams, Amy Shultz, Charlie Carruthers.

Year 9-10: Thomas Bandy, Tallulah Nixon, Isabella Erasmus, Riko Fitzgerald, Sarah Benson, Charlotte Maslen

Year 10-11: Noah Jefferys, Jacob Moulds, Stephen Hester, Maddy Blanch, EJ Blanch, Kyra Edstein.

Year 11-12: Laura Dunlop, Andrew Hughes, Georgia Dark, Kieran Schneider, Jenna Davis, Cael Hickman