Gloucester may still have a chance for a seat

Katheryn Smith was number one for Group I in the MidCoast Council election.
Katheryn Smith was number one for Group I in the MidCoast Council election.

After the primary vote has been counted, things are looking a little bleak for Gloucester’s three nominees in the recent inaugural MidCoast Council election, however, there may still be a chance.

Gloucester’s Katheryn Smith is feeling confident the preferences she negotiated before the election may be her saving grace, as well as the support she’s received from some of the ungrouped candidates.

A couple of the ungroup candidates were actively encouraging people to vote for Katheryn as their number two below the line. This collection of votes could see her quota percent increase as the distribution of the votes happens.

As candidates begin to be exluded, due to their vote count being too low, their votes will shift to their second preference.

She is very thankful for the moral support she received from local candidates, John Rosenbaum and James Hooke and all those her voted for her.

She believes that there were a number of worthy candidates involved in the election.

“I hope to see them still involved in the community after council is announced,” she said.

As at 8.40 this morning (September 14) data entry began, which means the information from the ballot papers is being input into the computer.

So far the candidates who have reached the quota, which was 4463 votes after the primary count, will likely have a seat. For the grouped candidates, that means their number one person will have a spot. In order, to get the number two person in , they would require double the quota. 

Len Roberts, Brad Christensen, Peter Epov, Troy Fowler, David Keegan and Jan McWilliams have reached quota.

With 11 seats available, this leaves five spots to be determined by preferences.

A spokesperson for the NSW Electoral Commission said the entry may continue until Saturday (September 16) due to the volume of votes.