Craven Creek musicians perform at St Joseph's Primary School Gloucester

Craven Creek musicians performed for the students of St Joseph's Primary School Gloucester ahead of the festival held over the weekend.

The musicians visited the school on Friday, September 15 as a way of exposing the students to different types of instruments and music.

Plucking sounds of the harp filled the school hall as American harpist, Emily Granger played for the students.

She spent a bit of time explaining how the instrument worked and demonstrating the different types of sounds it could make.

The students were given the opportunity to ask lots of questions about the harp, like does it hurt your fingers to play?

Emily explained how she has grown lovely calluses on her fingers.

Then the students were treated to a few songs by the Flinders Quartet, after a quick lesson in the types of instruments the four were playing.

The fact that there was a violin and a viola caused a little bit of confusion with the students, but as soon as they saw the two instruments side by side, they understood how different the two are.

The first song the quartet played was composed by someone they knew and was all about a pair of octopus dancing and how their tentacles get tangled and twisted.

The musicians were in town as part of the Craven Creek Music Festival that took place in Gloucester on Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17 to a near sold out audience.