St Joseph's Primary School Gloucester musical 'A Book Without a Cover'

St Joseph's Primary School Gloucester debuted the Bec Willis original musical ‘A Book Without a Cover’ to a packed house of fellow primary school students.

All the students from Stratford Public School and Barrington Public School attended the first performance on Wednesday, September 20.

The school puts on a musical every two years, but this year’s was unique with the entire production written, including the songs, by Gloucester’s Bec Willis in collaboration with the students.

Bec, who is better known to the students as Mrs Parker, decided she would take on writing the musical to ensure that each student had a part to play.

“I wanted to tailor make a play, so that it brings the best out in all the students,” she said.

She explained how a lot of the musicals available for schools have too few parts for the amount of students or the musical score doesn’t suit the students vocal range.

So this way, every student in the school is involved.

It’s the story of each student’s journey about discovering themselves, knitting and ‘bogan Bollywood’.

Wednesday’s performance was Bec’s debut as a playwright and the show was a hit.

The audience erupted into laughter as the students put on a fabulous show.

Bec said that Scott Davis and Gloucester High School have been very supportive and lent the school some of the staging, while The Bowden Brothers provided the lighting. 

The show opened to the public on Thursday, September 20 at the school.