Trying out a new trade

Gloucester High School students had the opportunity to try their hand at a trade across various locations around town. 

Students spent a day working different industries from retail to radio, barista to beef farming, automotive to aged care.

According to GHS careers adviser, Michael De Angelis around 60 year 9 students and a few lucky year 10 students participated in the 2017 Gloucester High School Try-A-Trade Day on Wednesday, September 20. 

The program runs each year to give students the chance to get a little ‘hands-on’ experience in a field they are interested in. Earlier in the year, students completed a survey outlining what industries they would like to learn more about.  

“Based on this information, local employers and North Coast TAFE were contacted and arrangements were made to conduct the activities on the day,” Mr De Angelis said.

“The sessions allow students to engage with professional workers within the industry, ask questions, perform basic tasks and/or observe the daily operations of a business.” 

Holly Willis, Malachi Carter, Lochlain Jeffreys and Connor Grady spent time with Bucketts Radio veteran, Bruce O’Connor learning the ins and outs of the airwaves.

The students were given the chance to put a playlist together before going live on air. 

On the industrial side of things, interested students worked through a variety of ‘hands-on’ activities at Leveltec Engineering in the industrial area of Gloucester.

They were shown how different machines worked before getting a chance to try their hand at creating a design.

“Try-A-Trade complements the GHS Careers program and provides present-day, realistic information so students can more successfully navigate their career path by making informed, planned and thoughtful decisions,” Mr De Angelis explained.

“This is a very unique opportunity and a privilege that is only possible due to the support from the local business community and North Coast TAFE.”

The program was supported by Gloucester IGA, North Coast TAFE, Merewether Farm, Leveltec Engineering, Barrington Street Pre School and Long Day Care, Gloucester Pre School, Gloucester Soldiers Memorial Hospital, DRIFTA Camping Kitchens and Bucketts Radio 104.1FM.