Hunter Local Land Services reminds about the biosecurity farm plan deadline

File photo. Courtesy of Hunter Local Land Services
File photo. Courtesy of Hunter Local Land Services

Hunter Local Land Services is reminding landholders the deadline for completing a Biosecurity Plan is fast approaching.

Producers need to have the plan in place by Sunday, October 1, to meet Meat and Livestock Australia Livestock Production Assurance requirements.

Hunter LLS has been running workshops across the region, to help landholders understand how to complete their plan.

District veterinarian Lyndell Stone said there has been an overwhelming response to the workshops, with many oversubscribed.

“Most Producers appear well on their way to getting on top of this change, it’s great to see comfortable faces at the end of a workshop,” Lyndell Stone said.

“After all farm biosecurity is not new, most producers practice farm bisoecurity as it makes good business sense.

“The only part that is new is the need to have a documented farm bisoecurity business plan.”

From October  1, biosecurity will be included in the Livestock Production Assurance program.

All cattle, sheep and goat producers will need to ensure they are compliant with this change by having a farm biosecurity plan in place for each PIC (Property Identification Code). 

Farm Biosecurity measures protect your farm, your stock, your market and yourselves from the entry and spread of pests disease and weeds

Filling out a Biosecurity plan template is the easiest way to meet the new requirement.

The Livestock Production Assurance template is available at

Remember to fill out, follow and file your Biosecurity Plan by October 1.

It is your document.

There is no need to lodge it.

Just keep it on file for your use or audits by Livestock Production Assurance .

"Good record keeping is an important part of biosecurity planning and is a crucial commitment we make as producers of food for Australian and overseas markets,” said Lyndell Stone.

Hunter Local Land Services staff have received positive feedback about the biosecurity workshops across the region.