Mine exploration lease applications in Manning's headwaters

Dear MidCoast Council and its supporting community.

I am writing this letter in relation to recent mine exploration lease applications advertised in the Land Newspaper.

A total area of 764 square kilometres covers headwaters of the Manning River. Logging is current under the lease areas.

The leases are for group 1 and 2 minerals which can mean antimony, cobalt, thorium and rare earth minerals just to name a few.

These exploration leases mean business as extensive exploration has already taken place.

The headwaters under threat include Barnard River, Barrington River, Bowman River, Cooplacurripa River, Gloucester River, Nowendoc River, Pignabarney River and numerous creeks.

The value of preserving these waterways is comparable to preserving life itself, for without these tributaries there is no Manning River.

I would like to ask Midcoast Council to apply to the Minister for Recourses and request revision of the following mine leases: ELA 5521, ELA 5521 and EL8581. 

Tania Geale

Artist and researcher, Nowendoc