Wingham Akoostik Festival 2017

It may have been an event held in Wingham, but Gloucester made its presence known at the Akoostik Festival.

In its 11th year, the event was held over the weekend, kicking off on Friday evening (October 13) and running until Sunday afternoon (October 15).

Former Gloucester High School and Gloucester Public School captain, Ben Wilson played with his band from Perth, Ralway Bell on Saturday afternoon (October 14). 

Ben travelled over with his bandmates as part of the national tour that launch the band’s first album, with the festival being the focus of the tour.

Gloucester also had a presence at the Smokin the Valley Barbecue Competition as part of the festival held at the Wingham Showground.

Dion Allan, Matt Danton and Peter Ashby were cooking as part of team Comeatosed BBQ, as well as, Mick Blanchard and Linda Moir from team Highland Q.

Ethan Blanchard cooked in the inaugural junior barbecue competition, making beef ribs and beef sausages.

When asked how his cooking was, he said “My parents were stuffing there faces with it.”

Ethan won forth place and got to take home the little kettle barbecue he cooked in.