Ladies golf at the club

A lovely day was had be all players on Wednesday, the president chose her team well and ended up winning 227 points to the treasures team total of 199 points.

Congratulations to all who played, it's fun to play in a team.

The winner of the day was Gai Randall who had a great score of 42 points, great round Gai the extra days of golf is paying off.

Runner up was Ann Mullen with 36 points, Ann is playing consistent golf at the moment. NTP. 4th and 13th Gai Randall and Margaret Dunn was the winner on the 6th and 15th.

Congratulations to all the ladies who took positions on the committee at our Annual Meeting.

Next week is the final day of our summer competition and the event will be a three club event, so choose your clubs carefully ladies.

Don't forget to book in for the Melbourne cup party, all welcome.