Weather worth playing tennis in

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Beautiful Spring evening for tennis.

Di Mansfield took home the raffle prize.

Cossar vs Johnson. Lots of laughter on this court but they did get some tennis in too. A win to Team Cossar 4/33 to 2/24. Johnsons won the only tie-break set - Cathy and Di R over Ruth W and Kate. Ruth J got all the aces - the double faults were shared around. Great tennis - fun times.

Pearson vs Snape - Fay Harris played for Merrilyn and Di M for Mae but couldn't get passed Leanne's inspired tennis - the win going to Pearsons 3/31 to 3/30. Except for the one tie-break won by Snape, all sets were 6/4. Such great tennis - the rallies when players 1 and 2 were on court were a thrill to watch.

Aces to Leanne (5), Betty (3), Heather (2) and Fay 1. Team Cossar has the Bye tomorrow night. Town Vs Country match will be played 21st November - names to Lorraine please.