Letter to the editor: Rocky Hill health

For me page 32 of Department of Planning and Environment’s Final Assessment Report on the proposed Rocky Hill Coal mine project in Gloucester says it all.

It is a map displaying the location of 277 residences within three kilometers of the proposed mine site.

Within this zone, the health impacts are numerous, such as it doubles the rate of asthma medications that will need to be prescribed to children. The Gloucester shire averages 2.5 people per residence. You can do the maths. The doctors will be busy.

Even more alarming is that 99 of these residences are within two kilometres and Doctors for the Environment of Australia, the experts in these matters, said in their submission the blast gases can be so toxic there should be a two kilometres buffer with no housing around the mine.

The duty of care of the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) committee, meeting in Gloucester from 4pm at the Gloucester Soldiers Club on Tuesday, November 14, must surely follow the lead of the department and refuse this mining application. I urge people to attend and either write your opinion about the report or apply now to speak.

Steve Robinson, Gloucester